Welcome to the Family!

March 9, 2011  |  adoptions, pet of the month
Little Bo with Dr. Steck (Harrison)

Pet of the Month

Meet Bo, the newest addition to the Mason Animal Hospital family.

You remember Jag, right? Our favorite doberman? Well, his mom found this little man on the side of the road near her home in South Carolina. Bo was underweight and badly hurt. A trip to the vet showed he needed an extensive orthopedic surgery to correct the damage to his hip. A little while later, Bo made it up to us and to Dr. Wolf.

Bo needed an FHO or Femoral Head Ostectomy. The femoral head is the "ball" part of the "ball and socket" joint that makes up the hip, where the femur (thigh bone) connects to the pelvis (hip bone). For Bo, the "ball" no longer stayed in the "socket", making the leg useless. If a surgeon were to remove the "ball", the body would develop scar tissue and build a new joint. The new joint wouldn't be as strong as one made of bone (or metal), but it would allow Bo to use his leg, after time and rehabilitation, without pain.

Bo's surgery went great. There was still one problem, he needed a new home. His new friends were glad to drive him back home to South Carolina, but he really needed a forever home.

Michelle to the rescue! Michelle is one of our technicians and she had been thinking about getting a dog. Bo seemed to be perfect; well mannered, quiet, and the perfect size. It was meant to be! A successful introduction to Michelle's family, including her two cats, Rory and Emma, led to what (so far) has been a match made at Mason Animal Hospital!