Queso's Holiday

April 19, 2013  |  cats, pet care, pet of the month, surgery

Pet of the Month

Queso is a very friendly and social Siamese mix who lives with our very own Miss Felix.

Queso has a history of getting into trouble. When he was a kitten, he hurt his leg and developed an infection so severe that Felix thought his leg was broken! Then, as a rebellious teenager, he snacked on some star-gazer lilies and had to be hospitalized for a week to flush their toxins from his system. But it was this past holiday season that he got into some real trouble.

Felix first noticed that her little boy didn't feel well early in the morning on December 23. Two days before Christmas and Queso was lethargic and vomiting. He didn't want his treats and he was hiding from everyone. It was a Sunday, so she got in touch with the doctors and gave him some medicine and subcutaneous fluids to make him feel better. Still, he kept vomiting.

Now, this was not like Queso. Felix was very worried about him, so she brought him into the hospital and took a few x-rays. That little monster had something in his belly that didn't belong! There were several long skinny pieces of... Was it ribbon? Hair ties? No... it was tinsel! In his four years in her home, he had never bother the holiday tree (other than to knock it over once or twice). But this year he decided to eat the tinsel!

Felix called Dr. Steck who graciously met her there at the hospital and surgery went well. A total of eight inches of tinsel was removed.

While he did well during surgery, the inflammation in his intestines caused him to spike a fever the next day. Even with his medicine, we were all very worried. Felix gave him fluids three times a day to help keep him cool.

Queso's fever finally broke on Christmas day. His mom did a great job of taking care of him. He's all back to normal now, terrorizing the 90 pound dog with enthusiasm.