Heart of Gold

May 7, 2014  |  pet of the month
Augie, “Aug the dog”

Augie is perfect in every way

Augie, nick named  “Aug the dog”, is the kind of Lab you can only hope to have.  We adopted him in 2005 and were very fortunate to get a Lab that had two purposes in life.  The first is to please his family the second is to play ball.  If Augie is bad, he is devastated if he is told he was bad.

He loves his Mom and Dad and can’t wait for the Grandkids and Grand-dogs to come over. He is very gentle with little dogs and enjoys playing with smaller dogs rather that larger ones.

When Augie came to live with us we had a basset, Libby Lu, a Beagle mix, Hudson, and we added another basset, Hank, shortly after Augie joined us. He has always lived with a pack. Augie developed a strong bond with the Libby Lu as she was the boss of the pack. Three years ago another basset named Oliver was added to the pack.   

Over the years he lost the Hudson and Hank. On New Years Eve morning Libby passed away and, to this day, Augie still looks for her.  

On April 13, Oliver had to be put down and we took Augie with us to visit with Oliver before we put him down.  Augie was happy to see Oliver but very upset that his friend was in a lot of pain. Mom and Dad were crying and he was very upset and kept licking all of us.  When the doctor came in to put Oliver down it was like Augie knew that his buddy was going to be okay.  He laid down and became very quite and once Oliver was gone the let out a big sigh.  He knew he had gone to a better place.  

Augie is a very sensitive dog and gives us great pleasure and we love him dearly.